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Teacher References, Pitch Resources and Puppets

We have wide range of fun and interactive resources to use in your music classroom. The visual tools created and offered by Take Note Music are designed to make the teaching and learning clearer, especially for those students who have auditory challenges.


They assist the embedding of knowledge through aural, visual AND kinesthetic modes of learning. They may be used as stand-alone tools or in conjunction with the Music Writing program. Best of all…the kids absolutely LOVE them!

Giant Floor Stave Kit

This resource, unique to Take Note Music, provides a hands-on way of exploring the Music Stave. Come on a picnic, play twister, step & skip on a stave, buzz with bees. Bring the music stave to life using songs, games, movement & visual aids. The teacher notes give endless opportunities for fun and laughter while kinesthetic learning takes place embedding musical concepts into the minds and bodies of joyful students!

Alto Chime Bars and Wooden Pitch Staircase

Exploring pitch in the early years is loads of fun with these really accessible ideas! Learn how to make the most of these Take Note Music resources and engage your students in rich learning tasks where they develop their understanding of pitch. From the first year of schooling where the concept of high/low are established, to the finer understanding of steps, skips, and leaps and finally to an understanding of intervals of a 2nd, 3rd, 5th etc. These Alto Chime Bars are a fabulous tool for establishing a visual understanding of the aural concept of pitch. ‘Add-ons’ enable performance in keys of D and F.

Soprano Chime Bars

These small, easily opened and individually manipulated bars are perfect for students to play known melodies and echo patterns. ‘Add-ons’ enable performance in keys of D and F.

Black Magnetic Notes

There are many fun, interactive games using these magnetic notes in the music classroom. Here are just two:

​Correct the Teacher: This game is a useful and fun way to test and increase student knowledge in many literacy areas: eg. stems, melodic notation in sol-fa, rhythmic notation, etc. Staff music flashcards are very useful providing students regular simple reading activities where they can easily see how stems appear going up after the note or down before the note. Once students have seen them and you’ve discussed stem placement.

​Stems in the Staff game: Have you ever noticed how kids LOVE to tell the teacher when they’re wrong! In this game, stems are put on the black magnetic note heads the wrong way. The children are asked to correct the teacher’s mistakes by pointing out the problems, coming to the board and simply moving the magnetic note head. In order for the stems to look incorrect some should be drawn as ‘q’ and ‘b’ and some with the stem coming out of the centre of the note like a lollipop!

See the Take Note Music blog for videos demonstrating how to use our Staircase with Alto chime bars and the tower along with flashcard resources. You can also view all of our videos on our YouTube channel.

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