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Order confirmation: You should expect to receive an order confirmation email once your order is received, either via email or online via the website.

For School or School order forms: please print the school order form for use either with credit card details or with a school purchase order.

Contact us via email: Please email if you have any questions about the products or if you have a school order request.

Common FAQ's

What year levels are the Take Note Music Student Books designed for?

Prep – Book 1
Year 1 – Book 2
Year 2 – Book 3
Year 3 – Book 4
Year 4 – Music Making for Recorder & Tuned Percussion
Year 5/6 – Book 5
Depending on the time you have with each class each week, they are designed for one page/written activity every lesson or two. With 28 pages in each, they can be completed within a year.

What do the Take Note Music Teacher Books offer?

Succinct, clearly set out preparation activities (lesson and year planning), instructions, practical challenge activities and assessment planners
Check out our website for the main concepts introduced in each book.

Resource Kits or Flashcard Sets?

The Resource Kits bring the concepts to life and offer ‘hands on’ learning to prepare the understanding of each concept and embed the learning. They are designed to work specifically with each Take Note Music Writing Book. Flashcard Sets are useful from the end of Level 1 once ‘ta and titi’ are known and are designed for practice activities of already known concepts and may be used as stand-along products.

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