Episode 1 – Remote Learning

Welcome to our first episode of Teaching Tips and Tea which will focus on remote learning brought to you by Ruth Friend. With over 30 years of teaching experience in various music education settings, she aims to help you maximise your teaching potential!

Recently launched, these Teaching Tips and Tea episodes are designed to equip teachers with tips on teaching music in the classroom and/or ensembles. Our episodes are short and to the point with one professional learning idea to take directly into the classroom (or remote learning) the next day. We’re keen to hear from you should you have any suggestions for topics to be covered. 

Tune in with your cuppa for Teaching Tips and Tea!

Video Transcription

Hi music colleagues. We hope you’re well. Welcome back to face-to-face teaching. We were really glad to be able to connect with you at the time of remote learning and support you with providing you with our digital resources. The song books for the prep – 2 in their support of their music literacy books and the e-learning packs for the older students. So we’d love to get your feedback.

So if you could follow us on our Facebook page and connect with us that way, then that will guide us in our new resources. We’re very excited with what we have in store for you and look forward to sharing our teaching tips and tea on a regular basis. These will be five-minute sessions with myself Davina or invited guests on particular topics. So we hope that you can join us for a cuppa and stay connected.

Happy teaching!

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