Episode 13 – P-2 Formative Assessment

The use of Formative Assessment is especially effective in remote teaching. Students are encouraged to ‘show their learning’ which informs the teacher as to what each child understands. In the classroom it allows for all students to be engaged in the learning, but even more so during remote teaching, where it allows for teachers to engage all students without the need for microphones on – fabulous for Prep – Year 2 students. The teacher must then authentically check the answer by using the ‘Let’s Check’ method. See Ep#10 Teaching Tips & Tea for details.

Video Transcription:

Hi music colleagues.

Remote learning for our younger primary students. It’s like herding cats, and it is really challenging. So, here are a couple of hints. Dylan Williams formative assessment strategies are perfect for this. So, we’ve been working on showing was it beat or the rhythm that you heard, the beat or the rhythm etc. So, was it higher or lower and with a which one activity, which phrase is the first phrase of Bee Bee. Is it one or two, phrases one or two so the students are going to show their learning ideal. Um, if you’re not teaching in your kitchen with a magnetic fridge, you can use a little whiteboard from Officeworks.

​Fantastic, so I hope there are some suggestions there that are useful. Happy teaching!

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