Episode 14 – Remote Teaching

Here are creative solutions for your Primary Music Classroom.
​Remote Learning Strategies along with the Take Note Music Making Teacher book – a fabulous resource to encourage creativity during online teaching.

Video Transcription:

Hi music colleagues, thanks for dropping in.

Remote teaching is really challenging, and the work of Dylan Williams is amazingly helpful in our situation at the moment. The idea that students show their learning without questioning, is it a skip higher? Is it a step higher? Was it the beat I performed or the rhythm? Was it two sounds you heard on the beat, or was it three? Was it higher or lower? And the students then can all show their learning. They can engage in a really authentic way and feel part of the learning. You then see what the understanding is of the class and that drives your next step.

Remember that any work you set needs then to be corrected. If it’s online, that means more hours of screen time for you. Just be careful to look after yourself and be realistic with what you expect of the students and then of yourself. The use of breakout rooms can be really great to support students who require help or who require extension. Psychologists tell us that creativity is a fabulous way to keep a positive mindset. And we have the music making book which has creativity built in through improvisation on the blues for your middle to upper primary students using a virtual keyboard or virtual xylophone or an acoustic instrument.

​So, let us know how you go with these activities or if you have any questions. Happy teaching!

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