Episode 15 – P-2 Recordings To Accompany Your Classroom Singing

Prep – 2 Recordings for vocal and instrumental accompaniment

A short PD video supporting effective teaching practice

Creative solutions for your Primary Music Classroom. The Take Note Music Making Teacher book provides sensitive audio tracks for singing or instrumental accompaniment in the classroom or remote learning. Available as online audio or a disk for CD players, the recordings can also be used for use with a virtual xylophone for remote teaching.

Video Transcription

Hi music colleagues. Remote learning for our younger primary students. It is really challenging, so here are a couple of hints.

The Take Note Music making teacher book has beautiful accompaniments for some of our most loved repertoire. The teacher book includes a data disk which has the student page on it for your display. It has a CD for the CD player. And it also has online access to the audio, so you can play that while you’re using remote teaching or in the classroom and provide a beautiful backing track for singing for your students from prep to two. ongs include Bee Bee,  Mr Sun, Lucy Lockett, Good Night, Frère Jacques, Suogan, Rain is Falling Down, and Drunken Sailor, so they are beautiful sensitive accompaniments for singing or instrumental performance.

This will create musical experiences for your students in their lessons and also may be use as accompaniments for the “Ask Me” activities. Which are those beautiful lily fire album suggestions of asking the children to sing for three people each week. One song with a focus maybe it’s performed the words, maybe it’s performed the rhythm,  maybe it’s perform the beat activity with it okay.

​So I hope there are some suggestions there that are useful. Happy teaching!

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