Episode 18 – Behaviour Management – Learning Names

Developing a relationship with your students is at the core of successful teaching. To do this, a teacher must learn and use the names of their students in order to give direct individual feedback. This quick video will provide a few useful strategies.

Video Transcription

Behavioural management in the classroom is crucial to developing good relationships with your students, and that is the key to successful teaching.

Strategy number one was the look the look of horror. Strategy two is the importance of learning names in your teaching, so students might arrive the younger students might arrive with name tags initially fantastic. A book of photos with the names the older students you could have um seats, so you could have a seating plan and have set seats potentially in alphabetical order and for the younger children you could have special spots on the on the mat so this really really helps your behavioural management, but it also begins that very important journey of relationship building. Ruth shares a few more great tips……

I hope these strategies are really helpful in your classroom, happy teaching.

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