Episode 2 – Beat and Rhythm

This episode features Ruth Friend teaching you tips on Beat and Rhythm and most particularly focused on maintaining a steady beat by feeling the duration of the whole beat.
A great way to get your students thinking musically when performing rhythm! You can also find our flashcard teaching resources as a useful tool in the classroom. See details here
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Video Transcription

Hi music colleagues. Thanks for dropping in for teaching tips and tea.

Today’s topic is on beat, rhythm and specifically duration of beat, but it’s so easy to speed the tempo when you don’t feel the whole duration of the bait. If you bounce the beat you get that sense of the fullness of the duration of the beat and in that way students become more musical. Transferring that to an instrument becomes much easier, so initially my younger students have a tambour, and they hold it like the beat hand with the rhythm being placed in it by the bouncing beater. Is much easier to achieve once you’ve done the musical clapping. Transferring that to strings becomes the long bows of course and to wind instrument’s the more legato playing. So students have that sense in their mind of what they’re aiming for, and their musicianship development then grows exponentially. So I hope that was a helpful tip today.

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