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Mrs Clef 1 & 2

Treble Clef Farm ebook Series -eBooks & Apple books

Filled with opportunities for vocal exploration, this engaging eBook series is written as a farmyard story with embedded sound files which model then allow for student response. It is the perfect starting block for developing an understanding of music notation in the treble staff.
A must-have for any music schools, classrooms or homes that are musically minded. See sample books via the Apple Books links below.

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eBook 1 - Mrs Clef's Chicken Coop

Opportunities for Vocal exploration

eBook 2 - Mrs Clef's Vegetable Garden

Opportunities for Vocal exploration

On the surface, Treble Clef Farm looks like a normal, ordinary, everyday farm, but it isn’t! Embedded in this picture story book series are many musical concepts relating to traditional notation. The teacher notes will illuminate the opportunities for discovery learning as you and your students explore this engaging music classroom resource.


We begin our story with an invitation to explore Treble Clef Farm. From the very beginning, students are invited to discover the uniqueness of this new setting. The use of repetitive language and questioning offer the opportunity for students to engage vocally with the teacher as the story is read. Embedded audio files enhance this process. Encouraging the students to be inquisitive, with phrases such as ‘but was it?’ and ‘curious don’t you think?’ opens the door to the introduction of the following musical concepts.


As an all-embracing exercise towards the end of the book, children then listen to and echo Mrs Clef’s singing of I See the Moon as she sings it to her chickens at night. Children can then sing the song and show the melody in the air by looking at the melodic contour represented by the moons.


In book 2 it is Basil, the leader of the five fast field mice, that sings Starlight with the melodic contour represented by the series of stars.

The inspiration behind the writing of this musical eBook series was the chicken coop on Davina’s farm in Victoria’s western district. Recorded and trialled by the clever children in the area, the voices of Mrs Clef and the mice have become favourites with children everywhere as they enjoy listening to, then echoing, the embedded sounds and songs in the books.

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