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Music Flashcards

Take Note Music offers a fabulous selection of high quality laminated and magnetised music flashcards for use by teachers in the music classroom. They are produced for ease of use to assist teachers in providing interactive music reading opportunities and sight-reading activities for students in rhythm, sol-fa and stave notation along with song pictures.

We have created two FREE activity sheets that contain practice activities and ideas for how to use our flashcards. Download them below:
Flashcard Activity Sheet No 1
Flashcard Activity Sheet No 2

Learning Benefits

The underlying purpose of music flashcards is to develop the ability to read music notation, and students love the many challenging activities for which they can be used. The ability to read music notation is best developed steadily through the reading of well-known song material, then by moving into unfamiliar material. The Take Note Music Flashcards allow for this steady development to occur by providing a wide range of patterns within the 30 in each set.


The Take Note Music Flashcards are designed to make life easy for teachers by providing opportunities for short segments of music reading within classes. They are mobile and do not require any equipment, but may be placed on a magnetic whiteboard.
Music flashcards are used held by the teacher who moves to the next card at a suitable tempo in order to challenge the class thereby providing an appropriate level of difficulty. The students love to perform, say or sing the pattern and the teacher could move more quickly ‘flashing’ the cards ahead of time, so students are reading whilst simultaneously performing the previous pattern.



Alternately, the flashcards can be placed on a magnetic whiteboard in order for students to perform a series of flashcards. Once students are familiar with the concept and are comfortable with the content, they love the challenges these flexible learning resources provide.

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