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Music Teacher Resources To Help To bring Your Classroom To Life

There is no better place to be than in the music classroom and Take Note Music is so pleased to be there with you! Each and every one of our music teacher resources help you to bring the music classroom to life. We have so much to share – from music literacy flashcards, a wonderful giant floor stave kit, tuned percussion instruments, visual aids, story books and so much more.

We know and understand how important it is for you to deliver a music program that motivates you to be purposeful in your professional life. To do this, quality resources are vital. The Take Note Music teacher resources facilitate deep learning and joyful engagement through listening, singing, visualising, writing, creating, moving and responding to music.

We know that your music classroom teaching will be enhanced by the many stand-alone music teacher resources we provide. To support you in navigating these terrific music teacher resources, we have highlighted the following for you:

Wooden Pitch Staircase and Alto Chime Bars Teacher Resources

This music teacher resource is essential for every music classroom! There is no doubt that this teaching tool is the key to successful visual and aural pitch recognition by students in your class.

We cannot recommend it enough. Along with the simple application of visualising and hearing where notes sit within a song’s note set, students can easily hear and understand the concepts of high/low, steps/skips and simple transposition. This music teacher resource is a fundamental teaching tool that you cannot be without.

It is referred to often in the Take Note Music Writing Teacher Book lesson plans and is a must-have. Also, check out the Take Note Music Magnetic Sol-fa Staircase for your whiteboard – another useful visual time-saving teacher resource.

Take Note Music Giant Floor Stave Kit Teacher Resources

This teacher resource is one of our bestsellers. So many music teachers have shared with us their delight following a Giant Floor Stave music lesson with their students!


Consisting of many components, this teacher resource is filled with many kinaesthetic learning strategies as students are immersed in multisensory activities that require them to manipulate and touch the material while moving, visualising and listening.


The Giant Floor Stave Kit contains comprehensive lesson plans that you can readily apply in your classroom setting, time after time. This teacher resource is a fabulous tool for introducing children to the wonders of the music stave.


Music games such as ‘twister’, ‘step and skip in the stave’ or ‘set the table for a picnic’ are sure to be the beginning of many successful immersive lessons in your music classroom.

Take Note Music Treble Clef Farm Ebook Teacher Resources

​Featuring two digital story books, these engaging children’s farmyard picture books are a prefect starting point for developing an understanding of music notation in the treble staff.


Filled with embedded sound files and opportunities for vocal exploration, children are invited to venture into Mrs Clef’s inquisitive world of chickens, mice, and the shenanigans of living on a very musical farm!


Beautifully illustrated, this teacher resource will spark the curiosity of your lower primary students to want to not only know more about how music notation is represented in the stave, but also the function of key music tools such as the tuning fork, metronome, and conductor’s baton. Curious, don’t you think?

Quality classroom music resources created by teachers for teachers

Take Note Music Flashcards Teacher Resources

Whether it be rhythm flashcards, sol-fa flashcards or song picture flashcards, the possibilities for flashcard use in the music classroom are endless!   Take Note Music has developed a comprehensive range of flashcard music teacher resources that you can simply use for classroom warm-up activities, or take them one step further to practice rhythmic or melodic elements taught. 


Designed for music teachers who are looking for flexibility in their program, these durable cards provide a range of content that has been carefully selected, but not specific to song material. 


These flashcards are not necessary for music teachers who use the Take Note Music Resource Kits that accompany the comprehensive Take Note Music Writing teacher resource, as the Resource Kits include all the flashcards required to deliver our comprehensive Take Note Music Writing program.  For more specific content detail, visit the Music Reading page on our Take Note Music website.

Puppet Teacher Resources

Take Note Music’s carefully selected and designed range of song puppets are a delight for all! 


Whether it be Singing Eyes, a Buzzing Bee, a Cuckoo Clock or haunting Ghost puppet, you will thoroughly engage your students by using these music teacher resources as visual tools to bring your song material to life.


Use each puppet to reinforce the learning intentions in your classroom while further developing of love of singing with the children.

Song Book and other Instructional Teacher References and Resources

Take Note Music has carefully curated a selection of song books and instructional teacher resources for you that have been written by leading music educators from around the world.

Many would consider Deanna Hoermann and Doreen Bridge’s Catch a Song publication to be the Australian music teacher’s handbook for childhood songs and games. Lyn Kleiner’s Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move teacher reference is a delightful introduction to how you can engage young students to respond to Art Music through movement. While John Feierabend and Peggy Lyman Haye’s carefully choreographed Move It resources contain everything you need to inspire students of any age to move to the great classics! And, let’s not forget to tap into the plethora of folk dance material by the well-known Australian world music band Shenanigans.

For these and so many more music teacher resources, visit the Other Resources page on our Take Note Music website.

We know your music classroom teaching will be enhanced by each of the music teacher resources mentioned above. There really is no better place to be than in the music classroom and Take Note Music is so pleased to be there with you!

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