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We teach music because we love being in the classroom! We know every teacher enjoys honing their skills as teachers and supporting the students to be the very best musician they can be. The onerous planning, assessment and admin that accompanies your role takes a great deal of time and reduces your capacity and energy to focus on the students and to plan with joyous music making in mind.
Take Note Music was born out of this struggle to maximise teaching time and reduce planning time! The aim was to develop a sequential, developmental curriculum based on the Kodaly approach with well-scaffolded activities and primary music lesson plans that ensure each child would successfully develop their musicianship and musical understanding.

Take Note Music Writing Books 1-5

The teacher books underpin all your primary music lesson plans for both long term planning and assessment and daily lesson planning for your singing based program. Our step by step, sequential books are designed to support you in providing engaging activities developing students’ musical understanding and meta-cognition skills in the music classroom. We save you time and energy by providing advice and suggestions in our primary music lesson plans to ensure activities are presented in a well-scaffolded manner, thus ensuring successful outcomes for your students.

​Through our succinct primary music lesson plans, our aim is to nurture the practice of music literacy; students activate their seeing ear and their hearing eye – their musicianship is developed so that they can analyse what they are hearing and imagine it on the page.
The primary music lesson plans in the Teacher Books provide preparation lesson segments to be done in prior lessons before coming to do the written task. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the concept prior to the writing stage. They also provide you with ways to foster in students critical thinking and listening, creativity, collaboration and communication in the classroom through the language of music.

Quality classroom music resources created by teachers for teachers

Music lesson plans are essential in the development of a quality music program and they’re extremely important if team teaching or sharing a year level as part of a bigger music department. Let Take Note Music provide you with the core for your curriculum planning. Join the more than 150 Independent, Catholic and Education Department schools around Australia who base their primary music lesson plans on the Take Note Music program. Music literacy is not all we do! We further assist you by providing resources to broaden your curriculum to include movement, listening, analysis, creativity and performance.

The Music Writing program enables you to do what you do best…teach! Each student has their own book, and the feedback from our teachers is that students absolutely LOVE their books. They really enjoy the clearly set out written activities and through the primary music lesson plans provided to you the teacher, students always feel confident to complete the written task. For the teacher it means no more standing in front of the photocopier at school, loose worksheets scattered around the place or time spent in class gluing or stuffing sheets into books or display folders. They are truly a joy to use!

Watch the video which showcases our Take Note Music Writing teacher books – Plan Your Curriculum – showcasing how the primary music lesson plans are included at each level.

The teacher books also provide you with ways to cater for individual needs in your primary music lesson plans. These extension ideas are mostly performance activities designed to further the students’ capacity to perform using the rhythmic or melodic concept on which the page is based. The books provide you with cleverly scaffolded primary music lesson plans to help you lead some of the core classroom music games designed to develop your students’ musicianship. These include: Sol-fa Knockout, the Hand Staff, Correct the Teacher and Splash.

Take Note Music Resource Kits 1-5

Take Note Music Resource Kits are available to accompany each book. These superb kits are a selection of song pictures, song shapes, word cards and rhythm, solfa and staff flashcards.


By providing you with quality, ready-made resources to explicitly support the implementation of the Take Note Music Writing program, we free you up from the photocopier and laminator.


No more wasted time trying to create your own resources with shrivelling plastic laminating pouches and ruined resources due to poor equipment. These kits provide the visual confirmation of each aural concept.

Take Note Music Making Teacher and Student Books

The Take Note Music Making student and teacher book is a group performance resource that takes place within the context of a regular singing-based primary music classroom. The teacher book includes primary music lesson plans for each page to support all teachers in delivering engaging lessons. The student and teacher books are designed with online audio access so students can practise at home in-between lessons and are therefore well supported with a good musical model and some really sensitive and engaging backing tracks to accompany their playing.


The program provides a guide to performance skill development with explicit learning intentions that are achieved through singing and sequential transference onto recorder and/or tuned percussion. The primary music lesson plans in the Take Note Music Making teacher books provide carefully scaffolded lesson segments for thorough understanding and successful performance outcomes.

Students learn to perform a variety of styles of music from around the world including the 12 bar blues. There are primary music lesson plans supporting singing, playing, reading, writing, listening, responding and creating along with assessment guidance and rubrics.

More than ever educators understand that exploring creativity stimulates our sense of well being. Your students will LOVE the carefully guided primary music lesson plans supporting them to improvise and develop their creativity!

Digital Listening & Responding Kit - Peter and The Wolf

Provided as an emailed pdf, this digital resource consists of worksheets, primary music lesson plans, audio and notation resources for listening activities in the music classroom.

The Compositional Elements diagram is used as a point of reference for Peter and the Wolf as students focus on Timbre – the unique tone colour of individual instruments. Students match instruments to the descriptive words given to describe the tone of each.

The written activities included in the primary music lesson plans are targeted for beginner level and designed to be used over 3 different lessons where the students revisit the recording.

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