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Music Writing Teacher Books $42 each:

Postage & Handling Teacher Book: 1 Book: $16 ; 2 Books: $18 ; 3 Books: $22 ; 4 or more Books: $25


Resource Kits
Resource Kit Upgrades

Resource Kit Upgrades Upgrade your Kits to use with the new Edition Music Writing Books. Content details:

Flashcard Sets Rhythm

Flashcard Sets Rhythm FlashcardSets $53 each

Solfa Flashcard

Solfa Flashcard Sets $53 each

Listening & Responding

eBooks - Digital Mrs Clef’s Treble Clef Farm eBooks 1 & 2.

Pitch Products, Giant Floor Stave, Tuned Percussion, Magnets
Giant Floor Stave
Pitch Product - Alto Chime Bars
Puppets *Exclusive to Take Note Music)
Teacher References- Books CD's DVD's
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