Music Writing Teacher Book 2


Primary Years Classroom Music Literacy – 2nd Edition

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These music teacher books support Primary School teachers teachers by offering a developmental program, designed to foster music literacy whilst ensuring enjoyable, thoughtful and stimulating lessons. Our material broadens students’ understanding of music, promoting joyful, attentive and sensitive young musicians.

We support teachers by providing insightful teacher manuals which offer useful hints, tips and guides on the sequential development of musical concepts, methodology, course planning overviews, lesson planning and assessments for Kodaly Music Programs.


The Take Note Music work books provide a set of thorough sequential and practical lesson guides for music teachers. The program offers teachers a succinct, step-by-step guide for developing students’ musical understanding and meta-cognition skills with long and short term lesson planning for teachers.


The focus is on developing competence in music literacy, theory, music appreciation and experiencing the joy of music for a diverse range of musical abilities. These readily accessible resources for the classroom provide for clear understanding and diverse student abilities within the classroom context. Extension activities provide more able students with performance extension around the set written task.

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Music Writing Teacher Book 2