Peter and the Wolf


Digital Listening and Responding – Beginner Level

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Provided as a pdf, this digital resource may be stored in your login area on our website and also downloaded. It consists of worksheets, lesson plans, audio and notation resources for listening activities in the music classroom.

The Compositional Elements diagram is used as a point of reference for Peter and the Wolf as students focus on Timbre – the unique tone colour of the individual instruments. Student match instruments to the descriptive words given to describe the tone of each.

The written activities are targeted for beginner Primary/Elementary level and designed to be used over 3 different lessons where the students revisit the recording.


  • Photocopiable Worksheets (A4) x 3
  • Teacher Notes
  • Youtube suggestions to watch an orchestra and then ballet performing the music
  • Audio Recording of each character theme, photo and diagram along with music notation of each character’s instrumental theme

For each Character there is a

  • Picture of the Character
  • Picture of the instrument
  • Photo of the instrument being played
  • Audio and music notation for each character’s theme music

Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is a programmatic work that was written with the intention of introducing children to orchestral instruments. As the children listen to the story, told by a narrator with orchestral accompaniment, they become familiar with 7 interesting characters that are depicted by 7 instruments.

​Tell the children the story using the picture story book (retold and illustrated by Ian Beck) available from Take Note Music. This engaging resource brings to life the story prior to the children delving into the Listening Kit activities.

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Peter and the Wolf