Episode 23 – Reducing Vocal & Auditory Load

Looking after our vocal and auditory health should be a consideration for every music teacher. Prevention is always better than cure! Here are a few strategies to ensure you have a long career and set up classroom practices so you (and your students) have the best possible environment for learning and making music together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKBC7DPkWG8

Episode 21 – Memorising A 16 Beat Rhythm

An independent reading focus to challenge all students. They learn not only about how to perform rhythm, but how to analyse form and rhythmic elements along with compositional techniques. See the Music Reading section on our website for a fabulous selection of flashcard activities and rhythm, sol-fa and song picture flashcards.

Episode 19 – Behaviour Management – Individual Feedback

Behavioural or ‘Engagement’ Management can be assisted by teaching to the individual rather than seeing the class as a unified ‘mass’. Students feel more ‘seen’ and it’s a way of really getting them engaged in the class. Giving individual feedback to students is SO important to ensure they develop a sense of self as a …

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Episode 18 – Behaviour Management – Learning Names

Developing a relationship with your students is at the core of successful teaching. To do this, a teacher must learn and use the names of their students in order to give direct individual feedback. This quick video will provide a few useful strategies. Video Transcription Behavioural management in the classroom is crucial to developing good …

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Episode 16 – Question & Answer Composition

Question and Answer phrases in musical composition – Maranoa A short PD video supporting effective teaching practice Creative solutions for your Primary Music Classroom. The First Nation’s Australian song Maranoa offers provides an opportunity for aural analysis, singing and instrumental performance, composition and music literacy. It also offers an opportunity to engage with a First …

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