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Music Resouces for the Primary Music Classroom

Join over 900 schools throughout Australia who are using our resources including Student and Teacher Music Writing & Music Making books, flashcards, digital listening kits, teacher references and DVDs, giant floor stave kits, chime bars, magnets, puppets and more!
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The Take Note Music Writing Series - underpins all your curriculum planning for your primary school music program

We have a FAQ document about our Music Writing series to provide you with more information on how you might establish music literacy and aural development in your program. It includes Student Books, Teacher Books and Resources Kits from 1 to 5 that are sequential and easy to follow. You have everything right here to maximise your students’ potential in the development of aural skills, music reading and music writing.


The Music Writing books have been developed by Ruth Friend and Davina McClure which draw on their wealth of education experience in Kodaly, Orff, Choral, Movement & Dance and Instrumental Music Education.


The Music Writing series has been implemented in over 900 Primary schools around Australia, ​and Primary Music teachers have been using these books for over 15 years!

The Take Note Music Making book - provides performance, improvisation and literacy activities for your classroom

​Sensitive online audio to scaffold learning in singing, recorder & tuned percussion activities. Us this resource as a program for students who have their own book for home practise, use a class set or just display the student page which is included in the teacher book.

Cost of Books: RRP (20% discount for bulk direct purchase by schools plus postage)


Take Note Music Student Writing Book 1  $13.75  2nd Edition
Take Note Music Student Writing Book 2  $13.75  2nd Edition
Take Note Music Student Writing Book 3  $13.75  2nd Edition
Take Note Music Student Writing Book 4  $13.75 3rd Edition
Take Note Music Student Writing Book 5  $13.75  3rd Edition

Take Note Music Making Student Book 1   $14.50 (For use at Years 3-5) 2nd Edition

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