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Music Writing Work Books For Primary Students

Maximise your students’ potential by using this highly regarded, effective literacy program to promote the development of music reading and writing skills in your primary students.

The Take Note Music Writing Books Level 1 – 5 are pure magic! They have saved me hundreds of hours of preparation and have made my work in the classroom a joy for the children and myself. The class sets are simply a music teacher’s best friend and the Teacher References make a teacher’s life so much easier. I never tire of sharing Mrs Treble Clef’s musical farm adventures with the children!
Anne-Kristin Christie
Hamilton and Alexander College, Hamilton VIC

The Music Writing program provides:

The Take Note Music work books provide a set of thorough sequential and practical lesson guides for music teachers. The program offers teachers a succinct, step-by-step guide for developing students’ musical understanding and meta-cognition skills with long and short term lesson planning for teachers.

The program promotes:

Our aim is to nurture the practice of true music literacy; where students activate their seeing ear and their hearing eye – their musicianship is developed so that they can analyse what they are hearing and imagine it in writing. Students can sight sing from music notation without the aid of an instrument. This program fosters in students critical thinking and listening, creativity, collaboration and communication in the classroom through the language of music.

**3rd Editions have been released for Books 4 & 5. ‘Dinah’ is replaced by ‘Kookaburra Laughing’. See Teacher Book 4 for notation.


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