Music Writing Student Book 4


Primary Years Classroom Music Literacy – 3rd Edition

See pics for notation for Kookaburra Laughing

or print the song here


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  • School Bulk Price $11 plus postage- minimum order 15
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3rd Edition Books include:

  • Composition activities
  • Further assessment activities
  • Extension for melodic dictation activities (photocopiable sheet in Teacher book)
  • Simple Time activities only.
  • Dinah replaced with ‘Kookaburra Laughing’

​Concepts covered;​​

  • Rhythm – tikatika, 4 metre, Simple Time
  • Rhythmic form, dictation, composition, bingo, 2 part rhythm reading & performance, add bar lines, perform & compose rhythmic canon.
  • Pitch – r (d r m s l), stems on individual quavers and beams showing direction of melody, tuning fork – A440 in the treble staff, fixed pitch note names in treble staff, BAG, FGA related to recorder & tuned percussion, note names of notes in the spaces and lines of treble stave, intervals – step, skip or leap. Keys C, F & G, staff to stick, stick to staff melodic dictation and composition.

The program promotes:

  • Music Literacy – music reading and writing skills
  • Independent musicians
  • Understanding through clearly set out written activities
  • Catering for individual differences through extension activities included in the Teacher Books
  • ​Our aim is to nurture the practice of true music literacy; where students activate their seeing ear and their hearing eye – their musicianship is developed so that they can analyse what they are hearing and imagine it in writing. Students can sight sing from music notation without the aid of an instrument. This program fosters in students critical thinking and listening, creativity, collaboration and communication in the classroom through the language of music.


  • Students love the clearly set out, sequential tasks
  • A4 format with 26 – 28 pages
  • Rhythm, Sol-fa and Stave activities
  • Fun to colour in song pictures which give the teacher the opportunity to work with individual students to do assessment
  • This 5-book series caters for individuality through a number of musical extension activities included in the accompanying teacher books
  • It is proposed that each written activity is incorporated as a small segment of an active music making lesson
  • Available through school suppliers when placed on student book lists for $13.75 each
  • Direct Orders $11 each – purchase in minimum orders of 15 by email from Take Note Music for this 20% discount plus postage.
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Music Writing Student Book 4