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Take Note Music is excited to now be able to deliver a variety of support for music teachers. Transform your teaching and maximise the potential of your students through coaching and mentoring.

Schools book professional learning days for their music staff for a minimum 2 hour workshop. These can be based on our Musical Skills Framework or School Consults. Call for a quote. 0418 108 475

Thank you so much again for our mentoring session, I am feeling so much more confident about presenting in a couple of weeks and appreciate the time you spent with me. As a teacher with my Australian Kodaly Certificate I am always eager to find opportunities to strengthen and refine my teaching practice
Teacher, Australian Kodaly Certificate holder
Ruth's mentoring session was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and gain a deeper understanding of the Kodaly Methodology as she shared her invaluable knowledge and expertise. Her questioning was meaningful and she made me feel very comfortable and confident in my teaching abilities. I left the mentoring session inspired and energised to continue being the best music teacher I can be.
Teacher, Australian Kodaly Certificate holder

Teacher Mentoring & Coaching

1 : 1 sessions to support teachers in their development:

School Consults

Workshops for teachers in schools which use our Take Note Music student books. Made to measure support for teachers including school visits and in class modelling of teaching techniques or choose from a number of workshop sessions including:

Unpacking Take Note Music Student Books

This session explores the content within the Take Note Music Student Books and the methodology behind the program. It highlights the sequential nature of learning from one year level to the next as participants engage in practical tools of delivery.

Games in the Take Note Music classroom

This session explores a selection of fun and engaging music games and movement activities from the Take Note Music Student Books. These games are a springboard into music learning in the classroom

Take Note Music Resources that Enhance Your Teaching

This session explores the many other Take Note Music resources that supplement the delivery of the Take Note Music Student Book program. These visual, aural and kinaesthetic resources build the capacity of students to develop their musicianship skills through practical activities.

Creating and Performing with Take Note Music Student Books

This session explores creative music-making in the classroom through scaffolded improvisation and composition tasks. Individual difference, performance and extension activities are key focus areas.

Musical Skills Framework

Choose the area where you would like to develop further expertise

Articles, tips, songs & free content

Davina and Ruth share their expertise in workshops and videos throughout the year. We are happy to share ideas here from these sessions:

AOAO by Ruth Friend

Teaching Tips & Tea notes - Ep #20 Hotaru Koi


Teaching Tips & Tea notes – Ep #23 Reducing Vocal and Auditory Load

Movement Exploration Workshop Aug 2023

Teaching Tips & Tea notes - Ep #25 Prep Orientation Music Session

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