Teacher References

We also stock our favourite teacher reference books, DVDs and audio. These offer ‘hands-on’ practical lesson plans and creative, artistic activities to help you develop a well-rounded music and movement program for your students. Only tried and true resources make it to our stock list – those resources that we find essential in our primary music and movement classrooms.

Movement in the Music Program

Move It 1 & 2

The best way to develop students who are artistic, creative and are able to listen to music actively, is to incorporate movement in all year levels of a music program. With the Move It 1 & 2 videos, students can work on their understanding and feel for the beat whilst enjoying choreography developed by Peggy Lyman-Hayes, one of the world’s highly esteemed dance teachers.


Developed by John Feierabend, these fabulous resources are a ‘go to’ resource for music and dance teachers. These activities are led by the teacher who has learned the movements from the videos provided. The dances calm younger children down and so are especially great at the beginning of a music class when the students often find it difficult to focus having come from another area of the school to the music room. They can be essentially a ‘moving meditation’ for the younger students in Prep/Foundation and Year 1 & 2 when performing the movements to Move It 1’s tracks by Respichi and Satie for example.

Singing the instruction, “find a place for Move It – standing up” (dr mf ss ss d’) is a way of giving the directions then students silently copy the teacher in order to fully involved themselves in these delightful stationery musical/movement experiences. Students not only enjoy these dances, but they develop a clear understanding of musical form as they enjoy repeated experiences of the same music. (See the PL video Ep 11 Teaching Tips and Tea for ‘Musical Cues and transitions in the classroom’.)


Folk music offers opportunities for socialisation as well as promoting musical understanding and skill development throughout early childhood education. The 3 CDs we stock from this Australian group offer experiences in music from all around the world, including traditional Irish, English, Scottish Australian settlers.
By purchasing the actual CD, rather than using Spotify, you will also be provided with a dance instruction booklet for each disc – essential to quickly reminding yourself how the dance goes!


Lyn Kleiner - Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move

This is one of my favourite, all-time resources to encourage creativity in younger children and to foster musical sensitivity, socialisation and spatial awareness and promote an understanding of musical form. Lyn carefully creates melodies written to art music or provides creative movement ideas which are fabulous for pre-school to Year 2 levels. My absolute all-time favourites are the Syncopated Clock, The Children’s March and the suggestions for each of the Saint Seans pieces Carnival of the Animals. We know you will LOVE this book!

KMEIA - Kodaly Queensland teacher resources

Musical Beginnings

Given recent structural and curriculum changes in early childhood education in Queensland, we are particularly keen to support the work of educators working with Prep-aged children. We believe that meaningful music experiences in the early childhood years are vital for the development of sound musical concepts in later years of school.

Musical Beginnings features examples of excellent practice in Queensland music classrooms and includes footage from a variety of educational sectors, teachers and settings. Featured schools include Forest Lake State Primary School, Clayfield College, St Columba’s Primary School and St Peter’s Lutheran College as they are known and respected within music networks for both the demonstrated expertise of the teaching staff with this age group, as well as the quality of the school’s music programmes.


50 songs and rhymes developmentally-appropriate for Early Childhood settings produced by KMEIA Queensland.

Usb includes

50 tracks of footage showing real teachers with their classes, demonstrating the songs and rhymes with accompanying games and activities.
A4 Blackline masters which include words and pictures for each song/rhyme (useful for take home activity sheets and/or classroom display). Teacher resource sheets, including sheet music for each song and accompanying information about the song/rhyme with ideas for classroom use.

Teacher information on such topics as “how to teach a new song”, “tips for helping children to find a partner” and general information on the value of music education in the Early Years.

Stepping Up

A music education resource for teachers of Years 2 – 4
This USB Package is designed to support Primary Teachers in sharing quality,age-appropriate music with their students and helping them learn through the enjoyment of participation in songs, games and activities.
The activities are based on the Kodály philosophy and are best implemented as part of a sequential program. For more information please visit our websites.

Usb includes

Middle Years - Music for the Heart, Body, Spirit and Mind

Materials to support teachers of Years 5 – 9 in the Music Classroom
You can either purchase this as a DVD set or a USB version

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