Mrs Clef’s Vegetable Garden – Treble Clef Farm eBook 2


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Based on the same premise as the first of the series, this book focuses on a farmyard vegetable patch to help teach children about the lines within the music stave. The mice, Edward, George, Basil, Dudley and Frederick provide the means of association needed for effective retention by “living in the timber rails between the spaces of the chicken coop”, thereby identifying the lines as E, G, B, D and F.


The same highly-effective methods of teaching are used in this book as the first whereby children are engaged in their lesson through echoing back certain notes, again “buzzing” like bees and this time using their different types of voices eg. whispering, squeaky, high, low and finally their singing voices. Students echo the mice as they introduce themselves in each of the 5 timber rails (lines) of the stave.


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At the end of the story, Mrs Clef reappears and sings “Starlight” to the mice at night. Children sing the song and can show the melody in the air by looking at the melodic contour represented by stars.

In this book children are presented with an entirely new set of musical notes and objects, such as the conductor’s baton and they enjoy a performance of the mice as they sing as a chamber choir.



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Mrs Clef’s Vegetable Garden – Treble Clef Farm eBook 2